The Benefits of Hypnotherapy For Treating Anxiety

Even though hypnotherapy isn’t as widely known as psychotherapy and medication for treating anxiety, researchers and scientists have been studying the effects it can have on mental health conditions such as anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and depression for several years.

In one 2016 study, researchers scanned the brains of people while they were undergoing guided hypnosis sessions. They found that a hypnotised brain experiences changes in the brain that give a person, focused attention, greater physical and emotional control and less self-consciousness.

In my sessions, I address the underlying emotions that feed anxiety. Effective hypnotherapy can quickly, usually in the first or second session, get right down to the source of the client’s anxiety through age regression work. In the hypnotherapy session, I always begin with the current situation or triggering event in the client’s life. So perhaps they describe becoming extremely anxious when facing a public speaking engagement or they have had emotional trauma in their childhood. I start with the feelings that they experienced at that time. The feelings that feed the anxiety are quite often fear, panic and shame.

I address the subconscious mind and request that it brings awareness to the client and the missing pieces of the puzzle of their anxiety. The subconscious mind is a huge reservoir of information, exactly like the memory chip in your computer. It stores a vast amount of information about patterns in your life and it can be accessed easily through hypnotherapy.

By going to the source of the anxiety I am rooting it out. It’s as if you wanted to get the weeds out of your garden and you did so by cutting the upper part of the weed down to the soil. Now we all know that by doing that, we have not gotten to the root of the weed and it will certainly grow back very soon! Find the roots of the symptoms in the person’s life today and resolve it once and for all.

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