Create Miracles

Think of a time when you put a smile on someone's face, be it someone you know or a complete stranger.  Through an act of kindness, comforting words that really touched and helped someone. You did it to make someone happy with no thought of getting something in return. It doesn't matter how big or small the gesture was, but they expressed gratitude and thanks. Remember how you felt at that moment.

Now, remember a time when someone showed you kindness at a time you most needed it.  Again it can be a complete stranger giving you a compliment, holding a door open or even a kind smile just when you needed it.  Try and recall as much as you can and how that made you feel at that time.  Did you express your gratitude?  Did it make you feel valued, noticed, no longer invisible, there are indeed good people in this world.

Consider the gratitude you felt towards another is the same gratitude another felt towards you.  It might be a feeling of light and peace and time when the world seemed right even if only for a moment.  The person to whom you was kind too, they now are feeling what you felt.  There are kind people in this world, people like you.

No matter what your life situation is like, what state your finances are or your relationships or your health.  This power to be good and kind can never be taken from you if you hold on to it.  No matter how much or how little you have, kindness is something you will always have.

This is why you come alive when someone shows you kindness and it's a reminder of your own innate nature. You may not be a CEO of a major company or a ruler of a country but you have a power similar to theirs.  A power to change the lives of others and it begins with one thought that I am good and I have the power to help others through my kindness.  Your smile can be passed on to another and in turn, they pass that good feeling to another and so it goes on and on.  Continuing a chain reaction that began with you.

So you do have the power to change thousands of lives for the better, understanding this will give you confidence knowing that acts of kindness no matter how small you are creating miracles. Let go of your limitations and accept your power and responsibility and shape the world into a more positive place.  It first begins with you!

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