Benefits of Meditation

I wanted to share with you some of the benefits of meditation. Practising meditation in your daily life will make such a huge impact on your well-being.

The popularity of meditation is increasing as more people discover its benefits.

Meditation is a habitual process of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts.

You can use it to increase awareness of yourself and your surroundings. Many people think of it as a way to reduce stress and develop concentration.

People also use the practice to develop other beneficial habits and feelings, such as a positive mood and outlook, self-discipline, healthy sleep patterns and even increased pain tolerance.

10 health benefits of meditation

1. Reduces Stress.

2. Can Decrease Blood Pressure

3. Controls Anxiety

4. Promotes Emotional Health

5. Enhances Self-Awareness.

6. Lengthens Attention Span

7. May Reduce Age-Related Memory Loss

8. Can Generate Kindness

9. Helps Control Pain

10. Improves Sleep

Mental and physical stress cause increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol. This produces many of the harmful effects of stress, such as the release of inflammation-promoting chemicals called cytokines.

These effects can disrupt sleep, promote depression and anxiety, increase blood pressure and contribute to fatigue and cloudy thinking.

In an eight-week study, a meditation style called "mindfulness meditation" reduced the inflammatory response caused by stress.

Another study of nearly 1,300 adults demonstrated that meditation may decrease stress. Notably, this effect was strongest in individuals with the highest levels of stress.

Research has shown that meditation may also improve symptoms of stress-related conditions, including irritable bowel syndrome, post-traumatic stress disorder and fibromyalgia. You can read the studies below for more information. Check out some of these findings below:,_Wait_List_Controlled_Clinical_Trial_.4.aspx

When I do my readings, spirit often suggests meditation in part of the message for one reason or another. I do share meditations with clients in the hope that they will start to practice and feel the benefits for themselves.

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Here is a very good meditation by Jason Stephenson which will help you keep your chakras (energy points in our bodies) open and healing and your sleep.  

I hope you have enjoyed this information and feel free to leave a comment or share with your family and friends.